Down the rabbit hole of Airstream dishes

I’ve long been in love with Jadeite dishes.  Unfortunately, Martha Stewart did jadeite collectors the greatest disservice ever by routinely being taped/photographed in front of her ridiculously large collection, so Jadeite is stupid expensive (this is the jealous talking).  I occasionally find a random bowl at antique stores, otherwise I cannot begin to afford a real collection.

Since the Airstream is not in my possession, I’m busying myself with daydreaming and eBay/Etsy stalking for things vaguely related to the Airstream.  Were the camper not intended for actual use, I’d park it in our backyard and fill it with knitting supplies and letterpress machines and jadeite and sit there like a crazy little old lady, surrounded by the questionable things I love.  Since we do plan to use it and paper goods seem terribly wasteful, we need dishes that are not breakable.

Enter, and I nearly pooped my pants upon this discovery, minty jadeite-ish colored melamine.  Uuuuuugh did you know this stuff exists, because I DID NOT.  Yes, I actually yelled about it. To my computer.


Source: Oleander & Palm; For the love of Melamine!  On that note, check out the post to see the collection she discovered, then die on the spot, then daydream about someday making the same discovery

If you are a person not amused by vintage dishes, then I’m sorry you found yourself here because I AM TOTALLY A PERSON AMUSED BY VINTAGE DISHES.

I pieced together product descriptions and fell down a really sad, really dark late night hole of googling whereupon I’ve now armed myself with the knowledge that this stuff is usually called melamine. Texasware, Dallas Ware, Melmac, or Boonton dishes/Boontonware.  Type one of those badboys into eBay or Etsy, plus either mint or green or jadeite and prepare yourself for my personal Willy Wonka factory of dreams; come with me, and you’ll be, in a world, of pure imagination.

SO THEN, I was on my Airstream forum and I saw someone post a thread about Airstream dishes and I was all heyyyy Airstream forums, way to be in my head! In that thread, I was directed to these here Falcon Enamelware dishes and… how did I not even consider enamelware before?  Super gorgeous, right?!

Guys, at this point I’m at a level of excitement where I cannot even find appropriate ways to cope with all these feelings. Fair warning, this may be because I’m currently watching my beloved University of Michigan Wolverines lose to the Akron Zips which absolutely should not be happening so I’m avoiding the situation by writing about dishes.  ALSO, I just love dishes.

Thennnnnnnnnn, and surely by now you see why I refered to this as a rabbit hole?  THEN, I decided to check eBay for enamelware, because I’m sort of opposed to buying all new Stuffs to put in the Airstream and I see the holy grail of discoveries.  Do you presume to explain to me that I can obtain vintage dishes that are enamel and have an accent of jadeite-ish green?  This is the stuff my dreams are made of and now eBay is going to manifest that dream for me? I just. Cannot.


Buy it here


Buy it here

I’m now just totally overwhelmed and overstimulated, so I’ve purchased nothing.  While I want many Things, I’m also opposed to buying more than we need due to weight and money and waste.  I also go through phases where I want to own nothing, so the thought of buying a whole new (old) set of dishes has me paralyzed.  This concern is probably for the best, because old Stefanie would have haphazardly clicked Buy It Now on eBay until I was the proud owner of 3 plates and 14 bowls and 8 mugs with 11 saucers with no regard for overall concept.  What is my plan? I DO NOT KNOW, BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS AND I LOVE THEM ALL.

At this point it’s pretty worthless to pretend I’m not ridiculous and incredibly dull, so you now have an idea of how I’ll now spend my super sexy Saturday night – consumed with finding vintage tableware auctions on eBay.  OH YEAH!


3 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole of Airstream dishes

  1. Love enamelware. We have some for when we go camping that I stole from my grandma. We had enough when it was just the Mister and I, but I’m going to have to add a few pieces now that the littles have joined the family.

    By the way, I laughed through this whole post because it is so me. I get my teeth into something – fall down the rabbit hole – and can lose hours daydreaming about something (this last month it’s been cowhide rugs) and looking all over until I just get completely overwhelmed and have to move on. Which just leads me to another rabbit hold really.

    Loving hearing about your airstream adventures. And mighty jealous.

    • The internet is a delightful place, because you worry about being a weirdo and loving odd things, then you find other weird people out there who also love the same things :D

      By the way, every time I think about hoarding enamelware or melamine, I think about your September buying project. It’s really helped me decide between things we’ll actually need (plates, mugs) and things I just want (adorable serving bowls and platters and and annnnnnnd…)

  2. I say go for enamel, if you do decide to go for it. Not only do they make things crisp up awesomely (I still think about you when I bake the SHIT out of my cauliflower) in the oven, they work nicely as serving dishes for all sorts of things- potlucks, picnics, friends popping over- a lot nicer than popping open a plastic storage tub. They also photograph really nicely. And they are hella tough, too. I drop mine, clank them together constantly, smash them into things, burn the hell out of them on the stovetop and they’re fiiiiiine. No regrets on obsessively buying every enamelware piece I find here. Nope.

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