Finished granny square baby blanket

Crochet granny square baby blanket

Boom, the blanket is finally done!  I finished the actual crochet (hooking, I believe some call it, which…..  yeah) shortly after this post, but only just now finally weaved in the ends.  Beyond practicing on some scrap yarn, this was my first crochet project so I didn’t set out to make something so large, but I’m really happy with the final project.  It’s intended to be a baby blanket, but has taken up residence on the couch and makes a cozy little lap blanket for now.  I think I’m going to give it a quick wash then tuck it safely away before the dog starts napping on it.

For those of you that crochet, is it really necessary to block a project like this? The ends are curling more than I’d like, but it seems a bit silly to block the blanket just for pictures.

Crochet granny square baby blanket

Crochet granny square baby blanket

I’ll be honest, I’ve found crochet to be a bit lackluster thus far.  I can’t really explain my issue, I just don’t love it the same way I love knitting.  That said, I think there are definitely some perks to crochet over knitting – I find that it’s much faster, much easier, and it’s far less scary to yank back a few stitches or rows if you make a mistake.  Crochet also lends itself really well to making circles, so I see a huge benefit if you like making knit toys.  Above all, I love that I now know how to add crochet trim to knit projects.  I know I’ll start adding sweet little trim to finish off future scarves, blankets, and cardigans.  If you LOVE crochet and want to make me change my mind about it, please share some project ideas with me!

Crochet granny square baby blanket

As expected, the Be Sweet Merino is gorgeous in the final blanket.  It’s soft, warm, and super thick.  Given how unwilling the yarn was to felt, I expect that it will withstand years of love.  I got lucky and have only the tiniest scraps of yarn leftover, which sits well with my obsessive tendencies.  You know I love when a project uses exactly the right amount of yarn. For reference, there are 3 white, 3 yellow, and 1 gray skein in the blanket.

I doubt that I’ll put this one on Ravelry because it’s so simple.  Step 1. Figure out how to make granny square.  Step 2. Make really big granny square!

3 thoughts on “Finished granny square baby blanket

  1. I beyond love this. Now I just need to learn how to make a granny square so I can make a giant one. Have you seen the rainbow granny square blanket from Purl Soho? It’s $$ to buy all the yarn but it’s my inspiration to learn crochet. Someday.

    • Have you done the math on that blanket? I saw it, loved it, added it up… I literally cannot believe they make projects that are $1000+ It’s so so gorgeous, but MAN!

      My hands didn’t understand crochet at all in the beginning. I knew what I was supposed to do, but felt like I was just clumsily wrapping the yarn around itself, then it just kind of… worked. Get thee to a youtube video and try it out!

      • I might have to – I did do the math and it’s crazy. You can buy the kit for $780 for a 40X60 blanket. NUTSO. But that said, I just priced a rainbow chevron using Blue Sky Cotton Worsted to do for an auction and it was close to $250. Stupido.

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