Special Olympics scarf project 2014

Special Olympics Scarf Project - Red Heart yarn

My mom and I were recently discussing our habit of knitting more things that we’d ever need.  Since I don’t have any desire to stop knitting, I’ve been in search of a way to knit for others.  Enter, the Special Olympics scarf project.  From what I can gather, this project used to be sponsored by Red Heart but the partnership ended in 2012.  Certain states have chosen to continue on their own.  Of course, I’ve chosen to knit for Wyoming.

Wyoming doesn’t require a specific yarn, but I decided to pick from the suggested options below and chose Red Heart.  It’s well priced, machine washable, durable, and the colors are vibrant with consistent dye lots.  I already complained about the quality of Super Saver earlier, so I couldn’t see using it for this project.  I needed to order online and wanted to stick within the same type since both colors will be used in each scarf – Classic is different than Soft is different than Super Saver, etc.  This led to me Red Heart Classic in Silver and Cherry Red.

If this project interests you, I suggest taking a look at the Facebook page to see how totals are adding up by state.  Beyond generally wanting to support my current home state, I suspected Wyoming may struggle to meet their total and wanted to help as much as I can.  I’m aiming for at least five scarves before the deadline.  Maybe you’ll join in?

Here is the information for Wyoming:

Colors: any shade of red and silver/light grey
Goal: 250 scarves
Deadline: 15 January 2014
Send to:  Special Olympics Wyoming
Attn: Carolyn Burke
P.O. Box 624
Jackson, Wyoming  83001

**Yarn/color suggestions:

RH Classic Cherry Red (0912)
RH SS Cherry Red
RH Soft Really Red (9925)
RH Soft Cherry Red (5142)
Caron One-Pound Scarlet (0516)

RH SS Light Grey (0341)
RH Classic Silver (0142)

2 thoughts on “Special Olympics scarf project 2014

  1. I’ve just found out about your blog post, and want to thank you for helping to spread the word about the Scarf Project.
    You’re right, SO Wyoming is one of those states that was struggling to meet its totals. Hopefully they can get close to their goal. I try to ‘jog’ them into making colour selections early, but it doesn’t always happen. I also hope that they will continue the project next year. Thanks again! /Marissa

    • Happy to help, Marissa! I didn’t plan ahead enough this year and couldn’t help as much as I wanted, but I hope I can do a ton more next year.

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