Early winter


Work took me out of town last week, happily (unexpectedly!) through a nearby national park where I took some lovely photos for you, intending to share them here.  I saw 82° on Tuesday but returned to town with warnings of snow before week end.  In the past year I’ve learned that 72 hours in Wyoming means you can see everything from 82° to sub 32°.   Last week’s sun and little bits of snow now seem hardly worth showing when THIS happened last night.

The photo above is immediately after work.


Radio, of course, is absolutely thrilled.  This is just an hour or so later.  It’s taken through the glass door because my ass was not walking out there.

snow3 snow2 snow1

And the scene this morning!

You may think I’m going to complain, but snow is the BEST thing that can happen for our business.  Alan has already been outside tearing around on machines.  We’re unpacking awesome new merchandise in the store. I don’t know that I’m pumped about the six months of snow ahead, but for now, happy times!

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4 thoughts on “Early winter

  1. Looks sooooo lovely! One of my favorite things to do is to watch dogs run, jump and bite their way through the snow. Good times.

    • I agree! I took some pics of Cooper jumping through the snow last night. It’s too deep for his tiny legs so he has to hop around.

  2. I love this. After a VERY long winter last year (6 inches in May) I’m not sure I’m ready for it again. But I do like living vicariously through your lens.

    • Ugh, I’m definitely not ready for the long part. The 16-18″ we got is already gone, but I hate thinking that winter could be here for the next 7+ months.

      May snow is CRAZY! We can get a little in May and June, but definitely not 6″!

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