Wherein I ask you for feedback on things

fan and feather lace knit cowl

Hand knit Sandpiper fair isle cowl



Falling water cowl




knit cupcake hat

I’ve been thinnnnnnking about selling some of my knit goods.  There’s a Women’s Expo coming up in town, something I sort of laughed at until a customer told me she unloads $1500 worth of handmade chocolate in which case, um yes, that can buy me a lot of new yarn.  The thing with knitting is, I’m a process knitter.  I knit to see how yarn feels, how the stripes turn out, what the product looks like, then I move along to the next.  It’s very rare that I think about something I need and set out to create it.  Instead, I impulse buy yarn and let the yarn decide the project.

So, I have a lot of stuff laying around.  Stuff that is so lovely, but I don’t need.  Who needs 10 cowls? No one. No one needs 10 cowls.  I also have bowls and pods that I originally planned to sell online, then we moved and changed lives blah blah and now they’re still sitting around.

So I want to ask you…  Imagine you are at a craft-ish art fair type place, would the stuff above (or similar) interest you; is this something you’d buy? Please note that I’m not actually asking you to buy things..  I’m just crowdsourcing info.  If you would buy this type of stuff, what kind of cash money would you pay?  Also note, almost everything is made with premium yarns, mostly wool, that needs to be hand washed and laid flat to dry.   Any toys or kids gear are probably an acrylic blend or superwash wool, meaning it can be machine washed.

6 thoughts on “Wherein I ask you for feedback on things

  1. Okay I know you aren’t asking us to buy anything but that felted bowl with the yellow in the bottom? I want that. BADLY. Message me a price and shipping? Please, pretty pretty please because I doubt I’ll be able to make it to your sale.

  2. Obviously I can’t buy anything in person, but would totally love a felt bowl. They’re super! Also, your cable work is SO NEAT. I look like I have some retarded spaghetti when I try to knit cable. Serious knit envy here.

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