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1963 Airstream Tradewind

Whatever with this blog, guys.  I make no promises in 2014.   Let’s start small.

My parents have been in town for the past few weeks to see us for Christmas and help with the shop.  As part of our Christmas gift, they announced that they’re taking the Airstream for straight-up legit restoration at P&S Trailer Services in Ohio.  The Airstream still lives in Michigan, but I finally met her over Thanksgiving.  I guess you didn’t even know we traveled home for Thanksgiving because I post nothing ever for months on end.

Preliminary calls to P&S suggest that they’ll end up replacing some of the more damaged end caps.  They are Airstream magicians and will do as much or little restoration as we request.  For now, that looks like them getting all systems running (heat, electricity, air conditioning, appliances, sub floor, axles, propane tanks, etc.) and repairing and polishing the exterior.  In short – wow.  We could not, would not afford this type of work on our own.  My grand plan for the Airstream was to make it road safe and then just gut the interior and throw a mattress on the floor until we could afford more work.  We’ll miss the step-by-step restoration and documentation process, but will have a pristine Airstream in the end, something we never could have done on our own.  I’m PUMPED.

The photos below show some P&S work.  P&S did an Airstream restoration for the incredible Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan so I’d trust them with anything.

5 thoughts on “Airstream update

    • I know, it’s phenomenal! I’ll miss doing the work ourselves, but it’s such an awesome opportunity. Can’t pass it up.

  1. What year is this airstream?, and for a bad condition airstream exactly like the top photo how much is it worth?

    • It’s a 1963 Tradewind Land Yacht. While it’s not restored, when it comes to Airstreams of this age, that top photo is definitely not bad condition. This one has a complete interior, most (all?) original details, dents that can be fixed, no water leaks, solid subfloor, and no mouse infestation. Under those conditions, I think $8,000-12,000 is fairly normal unless you find some crazy once-in-a-lifetime deal. For the exact same model with water damage, mice, stripped interior, serious dents that require new sheet metal – obviously that price would go down. Honestly, if you’re trying to price one I think your best bet is to check out eBay and look up Sold listings. You can see exactly what each listing sold for.

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