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Last week one of the painters returned my phone call and was ready to start jobs immediately.  After realizing just how much I underestimated the scope of work involved, I jumped at the chance to get a bid for our work.  Quick reminder, this is what we started with:

living room 1

To expedite things and save money, I didn’t have him quote jobs that I could do myself.  We discussed having him paint the living room, skipping the low beamed ceiling that you see above plus the stairs.  While those are both annoying detail jobs, I can easily knock them out in a weekend.  I also had him quote the large vaulted portions of the stairway leading up to our master, but not the lower walls or kitchen.  Again, these are cumbersome jobs with lots of cutting in that would have added hours (days?) onto his workload.  If it required extension ladders, scaffolding, or planks, we decided it was a job for a professional.

His quote for the living room and master stairs was $600, or roughly 1/3 what I expected.  While I had him at the house, I took him up to see the flowers and butterflies on our master bedroom walls.  He warned me that the job wouldn’t be perfect due to the sun fading the wood, but said he could remove them and paint another wall for $100.  For $700 and one weekend, he could finish the work that was stalling us from making any real progress right now??! SOLD.


We gave him free access to the place and checked on progress after the first day.  I appreciated seeing that he put a lot of prep work into the job.  In addition to the drop cloths and painter’s tape, he removed old nails/screws and patched the holes!  I’ve seriously removed at least 75 nails, screws, and drywall anchors so far, so I was thrilled at this freebie (I mean, I guess we paid for it, but I consider it an awesome bonus prize).

We checked on the place today and, as promised, it’s totally done.  To give you a timeline:  We quoted Wednesday morning and called right after lunch to confirm the job.  He started Friday morning.  He had personal business Saturday morning and was done by Sunday evening.  I consider this astounding progress and I’m blown away with the result.





I tried to get some pictures that show the real scope of work involved.  I took some measurements of this room today.  It’s 16′ 7″ x 29′ 7″, making it almost 500 sq ft!  Maybe you have plenty of 500 sq ft rooms in your home, but to me it still feels huge every single time I come in the room.  Sometimes I spin around and marvel at all the space and how we have no way to fill it.

The “low” ceilings over half the room are 8′ high, the high ceilings are 13′ at the lowest point and extend to probably 20′ at the center beam.  The high ceiling was painted (cutting in along that beam! Imagine!) along with the upper walls of the loft/Alan’s music room, though not the room itself.  I’m finishing the stairs myself.  I’ll address the beams on the lower ceiling at another point.

I purchased 5 gallons of Sherwin Williams Cashmere, an Interior Acrylic Latex in Low Lustre finish.  The paint boasts “outstading coverage” which I felt was important given our textured walls.  If you disagree, don’t tell me, but I think the paint does a great job diminishing the appearance of the texture.   Once we booked the work, I panicked that the worst case scenario would be having a painter, but running out of paint, so we purchased one additional gallon.  From what I can tell, there are 2 1/2 gallons left, which I think is remarkable.  Normally I’m a $35/gallon paint kinda girl, but I knew that this wasn’t a job we could quickly redo ourselves, so I wanted something that would last.  Final verdict on Sherwin Williams Cashmere — it’s awesome.

We’re still without lights in this room and stopped by the house in the late afternoon while rain threatened, so the pictures are kind of dark.  Our final choice, Egret White, is somewhere between tan and gray.  I honestly expected it to look a bit more khaki. I think the orange/red of the surrounding wood and tile are pulling out a blue undertone.  I don’t know, I’m not a designer.  My style is usually super white/gray/neutral with bright accents, so the thought of going full-on tan with the place was a bit scary, so I think I’m happy with this color.  I imagine the color will shift as we start filling the place with furniture and artwork… your guess is as good as mine.  I think it’s a good backdrop.  Alan loves that it feels “cool” instead of typical Wyoming warm colors, so things are headed in a nice direction.  I’m further convinced that we were wise to not pick white or gray.  If this tan feels a little gray, who fucking knows how gray would have ended up.



Shut up with that yellow.  I cannot even explain how happy I am to see it disappear.

The first triangle is the outer wall to the stairs and faces the kitchen.  The second picture shows the stairway in progress, which is now finished.  Again, I’m taking care of the lower walls – you can see where I’ve started cutting in.


Here’s an up-close look at the butterflies on the tongue and groove in the master bedroom.  While not perfect, I’m just happy they’re gone.  We discussed some options for sanding the wood and feathering in new sealer.  Since the finish is a bit shiny right now, I may sand the entire wall and reseal it with a more matte option.  I’ll be honest, things don’t look great here.  The sun in Wyoming seriously fades everything (we’ve literally sun bleached a couch! eek) and wood is no exception.


The wood is significantly less scary once you step back.  We decided to skip the trim around Alan’s closet.  It looks terribly anyway, so we’ll just replace it down the line with something that better matches the other trim.  The wall on the right was painted during this same job.

Overall- THRILLED.  I think $700 and one weekend is a phenomenal deal and I’d absolutely use the same guy to do additional work on our place, if necessary.  The living room is the one place in the house that needed very little work, painting aside, so we may start emptying our small storage garage and live in there while we complete work on the rest of the room.  For now, here’s a quick look at the new rug I laid out so it can flatten before we start piling furniture on top.  I’ll talk more about it later, but I think it’s a good “link” between this crazy cabin house and our furniture and gives you an idea of what direction we’re headed.


Btw, lesson learned on the iPhone photos.  These all looked great on my phone screen but they’re blurry and shitty on the computer and I’m embarrassed to post them.  I’ll step up my photo game asap. 

7 thoughts on “Painting update

  1. Looks great! The price seems wonderful to me too. I haven’t had any painting bid here in NY, but I had some outdoor painting on stucco done in CA. I found painters with reasonable prices, and I latched onto them like a baby monkey on its mother. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together when you are moved into it.

  2. Looks awesome and fresh, gotta love new paint! Those butterfly ghosts really are a testament to high altitude Wyoming sun, I can feel the death rays on my nose just looking at them.

  3. love it – we just picked up 8 gallons of egret white for our downstairs (my office, the mister’s office and game room). the color looked off-white in the store, but then while i was painting over the start bluish hospital white on the walls, it was looking dark to me yesterday, but seeing your photos makes me feel better again!!

    i wish i could hire out the painting, but at least our offices are on the bottom of a split level home, so only one large slider window, otherwise, the edging would kill me!

    • Now that the paint has dried, is it closer to what you were expecting? I opened a gallon yesterday to finish the stairs and paint more of our master. I’ve been worrying that it’s too light and gray in our place, but once I painted over pure white, it’s CLEARLY the off-white/tan that I wanted. Sounds like it looks quite a bit different in every space!

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